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CODE V Optical Design Software

CODE V is the most powerful software for Optical Imaging System Design.

Since its worldwide introduction in 1975, CODE V has been instrumental in the development of highly advanced optical systems, sometimes with profound effects on business and culture. It has been used in the development of revolutionary applications such as the compact disk player. CODE V algorithms are a key and dominant technology in the design of the microlithographic lenses that permit the imaging of ultra-fine lines on computer chips—a necessary ingredient in the continuing improvement of computer speeds.


From the extreme UV to beyond the infrared and from consumer products to government hardware, CODE V will handle your optical imaging applications. CODE V’s state-of- the-art algorithms, user-friendly interface and intelligent defaults speed time to market and maximize the quality of your optical solution. Some applications and related CODE V features include:


  • Injection molded plastic lenses— environmental analysis and material tolerances
  • Grating spectrometers — wavelength dependent multiconfiguration features
  • Digital camera lenses — tolerance and fabrication analysis features
  • High-NA lithography optics — polarization ray tracing
  • Reconnaissance lenses — glass optimization with partial dispersion control
  • Telescopes and other visual systems — true afocal modelling
  • Space-borne systems — environmental analysis
  • Laser scanning systems — diffraction beam propagation analysis
  • Infrared and UV systems — special material characterization
  • Telecommunication systems — fiber coupling efficiency computations
  • Segmented aperture systems — non-sequential ray tracing features














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CODE V v 2022.03 available for download