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OptiLayer software consists of three modules which use the same databases and can easily exchange data:

  • OptiLayer: design, evaluation, pre-production error analysis, monitoring, computational manufacturing,


  • OptiChar: optical characterization of single layers based on spectral photometric and ellipsometric data,


  • OptiRE: post-production characterization (reverse engineering) of multilayer coatings on the basis of spectral photometric and ellipsometric data.

OptiReOpt library is aimed at a real-time characterization and reoptimization of optical coatings being produced in deposition plants equipped with on-line spectral photometric and ellipsometric monitoring.




FOS & OptiLayer GmbH announces First Indian OptiLayer Workshop on ‘ Optical Coatings for Modern Applications’ on June 6 – 7, 2017. Registration starts from 05/04/2017. Read more ….

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