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LightTools Illumination Design Software

The Complete Design Solution for Illumination Applications

Design accurate, cost-effective illumination optics with LightTools ® software. Its unique design and analysis capabilities, combined with ease of use, support for rapid design iterations and automatic system optimization help to ensure the delivery of illumination designs according to specifications and schedule.

Smart system modeling with full optical accuracy and precision —

Create designs easily with 3D solids that can be inserted into the model at any size, in any location and at any orientation. Geometry is always editable using Boolean and trimming operations that retain the optical accuracy of surface shape, position and intersection for all calculations.

Rapid evaluation of optical behavior during design iterations —

With point-and-shoot ray tracing, gain an instant understanding of the system’s optical behavior by graphically starting and aiming rays from any point in the model. Rays are displayed visually and updated automatically as the model is changed and they can be moved and rotated interactively to study the behavior of a model.

Quick convergence on the design that best meets your goals —

Improve system performance automatically with the most effective illumination optimization algorithms available. LightTools’ fully integrated optimization capabilities combine design and analysis features to allow you to optimize any aspect of your system to meet performance goals. For example, optimize a system to match a target illumination distribution while simultaneously maximizing total power

Application Areas

Design and Simulation of

  • LED Lamp
  • Displays
  • Light pipes
  • General Lighting
  • Solar
  • Automotive Lighting
  • Stray light simulation
  • Projectors Headlamps
  • Photorealistic

and many more…..












LED Lighting System for Underground Mines


Basic Training in LightTools available. Contact us for your requirement.


Choosing Right Illumination Design Software

 LightTools V 9.1 RC available for download